Monday, 19 July 2010

A Monday mornin' Poem

Wake up in the mornin’ – And when I’m finished yawnin’
Coffee is the kick-start – As the day is dawnin’
Bravely leave the inside – Step into the outside
Workin’ on the outside – Payin’ for the inside
Watchin’ people walkin’ – Listen to them talkin’
I listen when I’m walkin’ – Watchin’ all the talkin’
Keep up, Catch up – Did ya see… last night?
Upgrade, Update, 80 million terabyte.
If anybody’s got one - everybody gets one,
Now, everybody’s got one – It’s time for a new one
Twice as good – Half the price
Double the speed – Aesthetically nice...
Bar code – Brand name – Designer daydream
Gigabyte – Blue Light – Wireless Ice-cream
Over-priced nonsense sits upon the shelf
Genetically modified – swap wealth for health?

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