Wednesday, 6 October 2010

PUB OF THE SEASON !!! - yippee -

Last night not only did we have our regular quizathon

but the heavy's from CAMRA popped down to drop off an award.. ( more from NAT later )

NORFOLK & GOODE won the quiz by HALF a point - blimey !!

Nat said... Wow, what night last night was!


Nat said...

Wow, what night last night was! A great quiz, written by Amber and hosted by Chris and we received our award of Pub of the Season Winter 2010 from John Cryne, Chair of North London CAMRA. A load of fun, food and fine ale was had by all!!

I felt incredibly proud last night but at the same time very humble and without doing a Gywneth Paltrow style Oscar speech I would to thank and highlight some key people

I would personally like to thank North London CAMRA for recognising all the hard work that everyone involved in the pub has contributed over the last 2yrs and I'm delighted you had a great night.

In particular I would like to thank Chris and Amber for all they have done in taking this pub forward from service to presentation to food and music and to our great new website let alone everything else they have have contributed above and beyond the call of duty. Without their efforts this pub probably wouldn't be here and I greatly appreciate the efforts both of you have made.

I would also like to thank suppliers in particular, Duncan of Sambook's Brewery, Andy of Redemption Brewery, Tom at Brewdog and everyone down at Utobeer for their support.

But lastly and by no means least I would like to thank you our customers as without you this pub would just be an empty shell and not the fun relaxed place it is.

So thanks to you all


The Charlotte Despard said...

nice 1 Nat - Thanks ,, it was a pleasure to be part of it.
no nonsense winning - that's what we like