Monday, 8 November 2010

Question: is it normal to have to ask 6 times to get the simple fundementals done?

I hereby acknowledge that everybody else is normal and sain -

Although i help most people and have the for-sight to ensure easy passage for all around me.
I also use good English. to make sure there is no way of misconstruing my meaning.
I can show and teach ppl who dont understand.
My portions are big - i cook meals with love -
I go the extra mile -
I have an opinion -
I ask for nothing except courtesy, honesty and respect..

there are about 10% around me who give that - and that is poor

If you cant beat em  - join em ... they used to say...
I think my new model is just do what everyone else does - they shouldnt be pissed off if the model is the same as theirs.

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