Thursday, 20 January 2011

SCRABBLE WARS are on the horizon..

YAY ! - Let it begin.....

It will be a round-robin - everyone plays everyone - 1 game.
scores that are really important will be:
The highest individual TURN
The highest individual GAME SCORE
The biggest win MARGIN (spread of points)
Highest value - individual word without bonuses - (bit of a wild card)

Usual scrabble rules will apply - AMBER will Oversee all rules and issues - other than games that she plays.

There will be PRIZES and huge KUDOS *bows to the new king*

Good luck everyone.


bar grinch said...

organising as we speak.
looking forward to it, but am nervous i won't do well - i'm a scrabble nerd - would never live it down if i don't win at least a couple of games.....

BongoWorm said...

Pete just beat me by 3points
and then Amber stuffed him by about 200... look out people