Friday, 1 April 2011

BIG Sports quiz with OLLY SCAIFE - relief quizzmeister

This weeks quiz is a special guest written affair.

Olly, one of our super - regular quizzers has offered to give Amber & I a rest for a week..

So his challenge was to come up with a well researched quiz

He chose SPORT as the Theme.. so, it will be a question of sport with Olly on Tuesday @ 9.30pm - The Charlotte Despard - Archway

There will be a picture round, Question rounds and we're working on an interactive round.

Don't miss the fun with Olly - The usual FREE ENTRANCE, MANDATORY Drinks and sweets for winners and our Jackpot is now £40 quid.. good luck teams.


ChizzaChong said...

looking forward..
bit of a night off for meeeee...

good luck Olly

and good luck teams

ChizzaChong said...

thanks for all the extra postings