Sunday, 8 May 2011


It is my happy duty to inform you that this weeks quiz is all based around the phenomena that is Scrabble...

There'll be anagrams, conundrums, etymology, actual Scrabble & call my bluff, so for all you word-nerds out there, it's a dream come true!

We've got the usual range of boozy & silly round prizes up for grabs....

...& of course first prize is the obligatory bottle of fizz & a chance to play for ninety, count 'em, NINETY pounds!

...but even better than that - you get to win a giant Scrabble tile - it's brilliant!

Quiz starts at 9.30pm and as always it's free to enter. Come & join in with the wordy-nerdy fun!

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1 comment:

ChizzaChong said...

this will be a good one.. and an unrehearsed cameo from Jamie - in CALL MY BLUFF - nice