Friday, 6 December 2013

New Years P.A.R.T.Y.

Clovis - NYE 2013 - "moment"
Its almost come round again....
New Years Eve party
We will be celebrating in what is becoming our traditional way..
Free Ticket - Food, Late Bar, Fantastic DJs and the  warmth of our regular customers.

This year we are going to dress it up a bit - watch this space for more details on that...

Tickets will be available on the bar - and I will post the full "script" next week

Looking forward to this one -


ChizzaChong said...

So here's the deal. The tickets are here. @bar_bint has numbered them. When they're gone they are...well... er. Gone.

ChizzaChong said...

from getting them from the printers to completely all gone - took less than 24 hours.
No pressure on us then to deliver a mahoosive party then?
So - we have 3 confirmed DJ's
.. snacks and delights will appear about 9.30
.. fancy dress is optional, but encouraged.
PLEASE PLEASE, remember your ticket - there will be a doorman who will have strict instructions regarding entry.
If you have any special requirements - let us know before - i.e.: champagne / prosecco etc..
.. we will be using strobes & smoke - so you may have to look away when it gets good!
.. the amazing bartenders who will be looking after you - have asked me to remind you that TIPPING is not a place in China !
..BongoWorm Out!

ChizzaChong said...

Narnia is on telly..
everybody is goin mental in the shops..
it has offically begun..


1 week from now ----- preparation will begin for our mahoosive NYE ALICE spectacular

zerry ht said...

Yay! New year is around the corner and all of the venues in Chicago are already booked for parties. I have to find some place to start my new year with. Anyways, thanks for sharing this post, I badly needed a place to party with my friends this time.