Saturday, 27 February 2016

Archway Gyratory and Junction Ward councillors

Things have changed - and now.... the gloves are off.
I bumped into (by chance ;)) our 3 councillors - out for a wee bit of canvassing ! - this morning. Myself and a local resident asked them a few questions and with 5 minutes blue lights and a police car !!!!!!
I videoed most of it, but will need to be careful of privacy - they weren't happy.
The police were cool and understood - in fact, they were really nice guys. While we were explaining the undemocratic nature of this council and their stupid proposals and lack of info - the councillors slipped away. OMG!
So - now our local councillors think it's OK to waste police time, whilst canvassing and finding it hard to speak to local residents and business owners who care more about community and environment.
I have a cunning plan.

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