Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Letter to Patrick Kelly - Ringway Jacobs Liason officer

I just sent this letter to our NEW liason officer for the people digging the road:-

Dear Patrick, surely we could meet
out in the open or more discreet?
i'm sitting here, tapping a beat
with no responses - are you a cheat?
I just want to chat, you know speak and greet
about what we said, only last week.
a loading bay here, is all we seek
because without it, the future is bleak
and the cycle path cheek to cheek
with my customers - risk at it's peak!
but, top of the list is the massive water leak
and i'm afraid the cycle path that you seek
needs to delay while the engineers peek
and go up the hill not quite to the peak
to stop this nightmare - that seems to be unique
in short, risk assess, loading bay and stop the leak
answer my emails - please don't take a week

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