Thursday, 26 March 2020

22nd March - Message to our punters

Hi everyone, We have a plan to try to keep everyone connected, entertained and positive.
We all need to share our skills and abilities, be community minded and kill a little time.
We have designed a few events that we can offer regularly and will involve as many as want to join. For instance, our weekly quiz on a Tuesday will still take place – but a bit of editing to the format and a bit of extra tech, we can do this. Nev is connecting everyone with ZOOM at the moment. - tell him if you need help.
A full timetable of things we can definitely do will follow – this will include things like: opening hours for take away beer, book club, language classes, quiz, competitions, DJs, games and a few other surprises.
We may ask for your help along the way and we are here for ALL our punters too. We have a wealth of skills and our network is good.
When it is all done – We will party like it’s 1999 – only with better beer.

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