Monday, 14 March 2011


Quiz time is here again.....

....and it's all about the colours of the rainbow.

Not a soppy quiz about rainbows n' kittens n' sparkly soft girlie rubbish!

I may throw in a question or two about the kids TV show, but maybe I won't.... know me and my question tangents - a question on that would be far too obvious!

Kick off is usual time of 9.30. Unfortunately Sky still hasn't been resurrected (tho who really cares about Man Utd?) but we're gonna stick to usual start time so as not to confuse.

See you at the bar for fun n' larks!

1 comment:

BongoWorm said...

biggedy biggedy The Speckled Scamps - a big win from the brains.

well played - see you all next week..