Thursday, 17 March 2011


Blimey...... quiz time in archway's a mahoussive one next week - a quiz wot covers the whole wide world.

A little over-ambitious you may say, but I reckons we can can pull it off (if we can do a practical quiz on the 5 senses, we can do anything!)

For all you geography-phobes out there - DON'T PANIC! It won't all be about tectonic plates and human densities....

There's going to be seven rounds - all based upon the seven continents -

North America / South America /Antarctica / Africa / Europe / Asia / Australia

and within that it'll be culture, history, commerce - you name it, it'll be covered!

Start time will be the usual 9.30pm, but now that Chris's arm is mended and the kitchen is reopen, why not come early and have some grub?

PS - don't forget peeps, you'll be playing to win the world! That should appeal to the latent supreme ruler in you all....

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