Tuesday 31 August 2010

we went to Notting Hill Carnival and bumped into Levi Roots & Carlos

Reggae reggae dood...

what a litter disaster - i have never witnessed so much shite in 1 place

but had a good time steppin over chicken bones and polystyrene mountains.

almost stood on a tramp...

but then we randomly bumped in CARLITO and got wankered.. oops !

thanks to Carlos - we took the wrong bus in the wrong direction then waited for the last bus(which had gone) and then a cab - which cost the same as developing countries pay their doctors.. 3 bloody hours to travel about 10 miles...

SATURDAY NIGHT with Queenie & Arturis

A Great night of music -

Thanks again to TROLLYED

same again in a month..

Saturday 28 August 2010

SATURDAY NIGHT @ The Charlotte Despard

Tonight @ The Charlotte Despard. 17-19 archway Road N19 3TX.

TROLLYED RADIO's monthy shindig with Dj Queenie and arturis cool + guest 8.30pm till late plus a friendly chef and good food served till 10pm..

 don't miss it -

Friday 27 August 2010

FREE BEER @ The Charlotte Despard..

free beer tasting by Tom from Brewdog Breweries.  He will be here on Thursday 2nd September @ 7pm - for your tasting pleasure.

we stock two of their products so far - 'trashy blond' & 'zeitgeist'.  they're 'famous' for producing some of the strongest beers in the world, eg: 'tactical nuclear penguin' which has an abv of 2000% or somat stoopid like that.

anyway - don't mis this FREE BEER opportunity - see you there

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Another rainy day after the quiz

A great quiz last night - Thanks to all who attended..

especially our winners - Crouching Barmaid, Hidden Sausage - WELL DONE

Next week Amber plans another themed quiz - she is busy swatting the internet as we speak..

A big sorry to Joe for the incorrect Cricket question - or answer (however you look at it) - so without further ado - laterz

Friday 20 August 2010

Carlito & The Chef - Saturday Night - House beats

Please, please please - dont miss it

Carlito & The Chef - gonna F@ck up some cooky beats..


any way pop down to the CHARLOTTE DESPARD for some HOUSE action

Carlos will get you dancin'

Thats a promise -

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Howard Hill - DJing the finest chillout beats is back on FRIDAY

For the past two years Howard has been building an international following for eclectika sessions with his regular broadcasts on respected dance radio station Frisky Radio (www.firskyradio.com).

And we are lucky enough to see him regular Fridays.

So pop down and see if he plays any of your holiday memories..

Tuesday 17 August 2010

 Ska Night was as colourful as i have ever seen.. a great and eclectic bunch - from international punks, people who travelled from France, Dreadlocks, Mods - Northern Soulers.. Fair play 

- a real nice night..

Pete played a blinder with the selection - and Police and Thieves for Jamie

- right at the end - NICE

More from Pete - every 2nd Saturday of the Month - here @ The Charlotte Despard.

Pete havin' a right old time -

drop us the pix if you have any at


cheers, inabit !

Thursday 12 August 2010

Friday night is coming - Time for a bit more DJ Howard

More eclectic beats from our Friday night resident DJ Howard Hill.

you can find more about Howard on The Charlotte Despard website

or on Howards own eclectika sessions - website and myspace

I'm sure he'd love your contact and feedback

See you'z t'morraz

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Who's comin to see Trojan Pete on saturday??

This Saturday Night ..... All aboard - Al Capones guns dont argue !
Trojan Pete - playing the finest tunes from the Ska / 2 Tone era.. he plays a bit of old reggae, and the classics we all jumped about to.

Not only that - he has some proper 1970's sound effects !

So get down here for about 8.30 and jump about til about 1am

See you at the bar !

Tuesday 10 August 2010

We had a day out on Monday - and we ended up at George Harrisons old place

Carlos turned up at about lunchtime - Amber cooked us the biggest brekky u ever did see..
then into the motor and off to Hertfordshire for a bit of a different day.. -
played with digital recording equipment and home-made instruments with Nelson (proper nice guy) - who lavished us with paintings and home-made jam - ('kin yummy)...

Then we all went to the Hare Krishna temple that used to be George Harrisons place - (tres cool) - fed the sacred cows - asked about puttin a rave on - and then wandered back to the Despard.. good day !

Wednesday 4 August 2010

LIZ WHEATLEY back once again with her monthly slot of Rare Grooves

The luverly  tunes to chill you through a Saturday @ The Charlotte Despard

Liz starts about 8.30 and plays til we close

you can check LIZ's mixes @ TROLLYED RADIO

she does a regular SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE there - so take a look if you like it.

See you Saturdayz
Well it did a bit of everything today - including tropical monsoon

Sunny then a bit of wind, some thunder then a downpour and now its grey and humid..

Tomorrow i predict an ice age and by friday it should clear up.

Rafting down Archway Rd, could prove a lucrative extreme sport - dodging buses and crazy no-hands cyclists.. That with the zip wire we have planned off Hornsey bridge...

Cant wait for winter !

Sunday 1 August 2010

Great Party - Thanks to everyone -

Nat , Amber & Jamie

All the Trollyed DJ's

and our dancin' posse -- see you all soon for more of the same

hope you all enjoyed the food and took some of our CD mixes away.

If you want to kknow more about The TROLLYED DJ's - contact the pub and we'll put you in touch.

Next little event is FRIDAY - with HOWARD HILL who played a cool set yesterday - cheers again all.