Monday 19 December 2011

Christmas Quiz - this week is festive - get on it

happy bloody whatever you celebrate..

Quiz Time will be Festive and full of frolics an' ting!!

Frankly, we're Pagan

So its the middle of winter, and things can only improve.

Pop in for some Mulled Cider - or something !
see you over the hols..

Archway Rd - Archway Heights - Archway

The new building across the road is gonna look like this:

Archway Heights

nice or not??

Monday 12 December 2011

House ! - before techno there was planning and bingo...

Tuesdays quiz is house related.
So get yer Bingo wings ready
listen to some Chicago techno.
read the 1988 housing act.
go to Wikipedia.. type House and then start researching..

standard quiz rules are gonna apply...
Turn up - get drunk - stagger out..

See you about 8.30pm for drinks and a mingle !!!

Thursday 1 December 2011

Big Fat New Years Party at Charlotte Despard

Date / Saturday, 31 December 2011 - New Years Eve
Time / 10pm til 3am
Venue / The Charlotte Despard / 17-19 Archway Rd, London N19 3TX
Cost / FREE entry
Line-up / Dan Bendel - Mardle DJ - BongoWorm - YoDa'n - gonna provide the tunes
Its gonna be a Free party for all locals, friends and regulars - get your invite from Chris or Amber
Promotional links /
The Charlotte Despard/  our Blog/  Facebook Group

Sunday 13 November 2011

Party Season is beginning at The Charlotte Despard

Hi all - well we are filling up with bookings, parties and extensions. But there are still one or two dates available. So - if you are looking for 96 square meters of comfortable party space with a bar, kitchen and great service.. get in touch - all the details are on the contact page.

Next quiz on Tuesday, will be a very fashionable affair - The theme is "Fashion and uber cool" - so get swotting.

We have Councillor Arthur Graves (our local councillor) in the pub on Thursday  afternoon - about 2.30 - so if you want to meet him, ask a question - or help us with the issues we are trying to resolve for Junction Ward. - why not pop in ?

Have a good week - and hopefully it will be your team that wins the cash at the quiz


Thursday 27 October 2011

Archway Road - rainy day

Its raining cats and dogs,
it smells like old public bogs,
broken glass and special brew cans,
it leaks and leaks for 25 years man.

now the road is slipping away,
and becoming a very dangerous place to play
either go in the hole and hold your breath
or skip 6 lanes and dice with death

archway road - about halfway up
seems so badly to be stuck in a rut
just needs a bridge - or another way over
oh and fix the wonky path and leaks please.

Friday 21 October 2011

WIFI is back on

Hooray - we is back - come check it
ask for the password and Boom
t'internet - free and full on 40 MB

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Comedy and Tragedy at The Charlotte Despard

Quiz time - YAY !

This week we gonna have a little bit of comedy

we gonna get creative

we gonna get drunk

and someone will probably win some money


Sunday 18 September 2011

The Good Ship Despard Sails Again

Well folks, we got there in the end. Finally reopened on Friday at 4pm. It's been brilliant. Good to be back.

It's the good old Despard, only better!

Come by & see what we've done to the place. Quiz Night is back - starting again this Tuesday @ 9.30pm - title is....

"In the Beginning...."

We've got a new menu which we hope to start in a couple of weeks. We've now got four real ale pumps on the bar & we've got Fruli & Westons being installed soon. Oh, & some new bottled beers & wines will also be coming soon.

So come down & pay us a visit - we hope you like what we've done with the place.

Wednesday 17 August 2011

This week i have been mostly...

watching the news,
watching movies,
having fun and playing games

which kinda turned into this...

its called - "reality of virtual insanity" or "WTF!"


Wednesday 10 August 2011

Dear Customers & Friends of The Despard

We are sorry to inform you all that we are closed.

If you have any financial undertakings with Nat Swift Catering Ltd - Please contact Nat Swift directly or his solicitors. - We are currently in the hands of solicitors, accountants and protocol.

The Pub will re-open as soon as we can make it happen. - Please bear with us.

Regular updates will be posted here and if you are a member of our Facebook group or on our Text message list for quizzes - we will keep you informed.

Monday 1 August 2011


It's Monday & that means it's Quiz Night tomorrow & guess what? I finished writing the quiz last night. Miracles DO happen.

The quiz is all about the wonderful world of board games, but of course there are rounds which are only somewhat tenuously connected to board games.

There's going to be a giant Pictionary round and a giant Cranium round - plenty of interactivity to get the competitive juices flowing.

As always, you'll be playing for the sweetie & boozy prizes per round & the Prossecco & kudos for the team that wins overall.....

....but the best part about winning the quiz for the next few weeks is the chance to pick from the deck of cards, find a pair & win up to £140 - EVERY WEEK! It's like a souped up game of Pairs.

Shennanigans begin at the usual time of 9.30pm, but kitchen is open from 6-9pm & we have board games, a dart board, lovely staff, so why not make a proper evening of it & come down earlier? Place is looking proper lovely thanks to all Chris's hard work.

Friday 22 July 2011

The Brink (Live) @ The Charlotte Despard

Special Event:  This Saturday Night.....
THE BRINK are playing ... do not miss this... 8 til 11 then loads of drinkin'.. 
see you at the bar... call to reserve tables.
"Come and get a fix of rock, beer, and wailing on a truly frightening scale"

The Charlotte Despard
17-19 Archway Road, N19 3TX
0207 272 7872

Monday 18 July 2011


Tuesday rolls around again, so chaps & chapessess, it must mean it's Quiz Night again.

Keeping it simple this week - going old skool & almost doing a traditional pub quiz ( I said almost!)

Each round will pertain to the different colour cheeses in Trivial Pursuit, so you'll have People & Places, Art & Literature, Science & Nature, Sport & Leisure, Entertainment & History.

Got a new twist on how you get to win the cash-money...
...all will be revealed tomo eve; but I can say now that it'll be technically possible to win £130 any week!

Fun n' larks commence usual time of 9.30pm - see you at the bar!

new addition to the despard crew


Tuesday 12 July 2011

180 quid quiz winners - The Charlotte Despard

‎"BECKS & HUGS & SHOCK & SOUL - pulled it out the bag when it really mattered. "
flippin' 'eck.... what a fookin quiz... lets go all the way back.k.k.k.k.k.k.......

16 weeks ago we put 30 quid in a box and the winners could draw for the pots,,,,as the weeks went whizz, we added quids and themed the quiz - regular champions appear and start to reign, coming every week through drifting ice and rain.. with 2 boxes left and 180 notes - a cheeky little team of contenders and quotes - stepped up to the line and threw down the glove - BINGO and drew the right box from above... champagne was drunk, the dollars were shared, everyone drunk then tekken tag blared. ------ so who's up for the new beginning and maybe a new style... let me know your thoughts.... big ups to all.. Robin T. W. WilliamsThomas Spary Alan Lobo and the rest of the team - also Clovis Rau Olly Scaife and team - Peter Mardle 's Team - Hungry Sexy Horny, Boogaloo and all the others.. we had a good one.. CHEERZ

Sunday 10 July 2011


'tis Quiz Night again, and it's a biggie - in fact it's MASSIVE!

As the title suggests, it's all about the heady world of 'Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll' so expect tales of celebrity excess, spectacular implosions, crazy name it, we'll have it...and you can take the title pretty literally this time too...

Playing for the usual boozy & sweetie prizes for the individual rounds, plus a bottle of fizz for the winning team........

.......and the chance to pick from one of the two remaining boxes AND POSSIBLY WIN £180!!

Fun starts at the usual time of 9.30, and it may be worth coming early or reserving a table - there's a lot of interest already been shown in this week's quiz. Hmm, I wonder why that would be?

Thursday 7 July 2011

Trojan Pete SKA Party @ The Charlotte Despard Saturday Night

Yup - its back round to Trojan Pete's monthly visit,, this Saturday.

Playin his finest tunes til 1am - SKA, 2Tone, Classic Reggae and more..

all kicks off about 8.30 and it usually gets loud !!

see you at the bar - kitchen closes at 9pm

Monday 4 July 2011

its almost Tuesday Quiz Night - This week QUINGO.

Yes Yes...
Its a £170 jackpot Quiz with Bingo

Yup, the questions will be drawn by bingo balls and bonuses will be awarded for: line, 2 linesa full card

This weeks art isnt even started !!! *gulp*

The usual shenanigans and malarky are sure to be had.

so pop down..
.. about 9.30 on Tuesday for some Quiztastic Bingo Fun

the pic is a Quingo, a 5 wheeled motability scooter - i want 1

Thursday 23 June 2011

QUIZ - "red alert! the red herrings are coming!"

Quiz night rolls inexorably on & with it another (hopefully not futile) attempt to get it written before Tuesday afternoon!

'tis about all things red....but as the picture illustrates, one must beware of red herrings!

If you're a quiz regular, you should know by now that the titles are intended to give just the merest hint of what is in store & that I very much enjoy going off on a tangent or two....

Think it's going to be a belter (if modesty allows me to say so) & with the free entry & great prizes factored in - don't miss it!

Playing for the usual sweetie & boozy round prizes & then the big one - SUPREME QUIZ WINNERS - bottle of fizz, original 'modern' art by Chris & the chance to pick from one of the four remaining boxes - one of which contains £160!

Blimey. hope to see you at the bar, Tuesday 28th @ 9.30pm. Right, I guess I'm off to write a QUIZ.....

Monday 20 June 2011


quiz time has rolled around again folks & this time it's earth, wind & fire....not the 1970's band cos we're throwing in water & the fifth element!

Chris is busy creating a suitable crazy prize to go with the bottle of fizz & chance to pick one of the prize boxes - one of which contains £150!

start time is 9.30pm & entry is free, so hope to see you at the bar.

Saturday 11 June 2011

next quiz is gonna be a make and do...

oh yes - we are gonna empty the junk cupboard again.

The prize is a massive "EGG on Legs" - for no real reason..
£140 is hidden in one of only 6 boxes for our quiz winners..
and the usual Sambucca and sweety prizes..

More info from Amber soon... X

Thursday 9 June 2011

..its Trojan Pete at The Charlotte Despard this Saturday

Ladies & Gentlemen.... Its time for our main attraction....

Mr. Trojan Pete.. the legend, the sound effects, the bass and the selection..

This Saturday Night - Pete will once again make Archway jump from one leg to the other.

Don't miss this Monthly event... Trojan Pete's Ultimate Ska Party

See you all at the bar...x

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Private party Tonight - Wednesday 08 June

Sorry guys, Tonight we have a Private Booking for the whole pub.

Its a fundraiser for a very good cause.

i hope you understand, and all back to normal on Thursday.

Dont forget: Trojan Pete this Saturday night

visit and join our Facebook group

Sunday 5 June 2011

Doctors & Nurses Quiz Night - more suction...

Hiya.. its nearly Tuesday night Quiz time again..

This week its "Doctors & Nurses"... ooh Matron !

if you know Amber it wont be stethoscopes and morphine - *damn*

FREE ENTRY:: starts around 9.30pm

PRIZES:: drinks and sweets for the rounds,  a bottle of fizzy booze, kudos, cup and a chance to draw for... wait for it.... i said wait for it... yup..£130.00 sterling monies.. only 7 boxes left and one has got the loot in

Thursday 2 June 2011


The winners of the CARTOON QUIZ::
"Smarter than the average team".. who went and proved it..!!!

I must add, they had a 10 year old specialist on their team..
 "Ethan was a big help" said Robin, "We wouldn't have won without him, probably" said Tom.

So the massive Danger Mouse left the building - but the jackpot didnt.. SO - next week : £130 and only 7 boxes... how can you not stake a chance in that for free !!

Sunday 29 May 2011

Danger-mouse is under construction for the quiz on Tuesday

This weeks quiz is all about cartoon characters and comics..

The prize is a six foot Danger-mouse in paper mache.

so, if you wanna have the chance to win 120 quid ???
know a bit about cartoons.. ???
got a few mates and fancy a drink.. ???
Get down here and enjoy our CARTOON QUIZ

did you know the pilot of Danger-mouse has never been aired !! - watched it last night and the voices are all wrong... wierd !!!

Monday 23 May 2011

Massive Music Quiz Tuesday Night

The Prizes for Tuesdays MUSIC QUIZ:

Giant papier-mache cassette tape with tunes
Bottle of Prosecco
Kudos beyond belief
Drumsticks and Sambucca
Chance to draw for £110 - 1 in 9 chance !!!

oh, and general fun and malarky....

kicks off about 9.30 on Tuesday evening...

Can you afford to miss this much fun in Archway for FREE - yup, NO ADMISSION FEE !

see you there ! X

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Animal Quiz was a winner - i never thought plasticine would mix with beer..

... an outstanding night... cracking quiz..

good job by all who attended... great models

and enough sambucca to destroy a battleship - if that makes any sense.

Here's a clown fish - made by The Pet Shop Boys

all the animals are on top of the bar - so pop in for a look

Next weeks Quiz is A MUSIC QUIZ

so go listen to music...

inabit X

Monday 16 May 2011

Animal Quiz - anyone know anything about animals?

Animal Kingdom Quiz - Tuesday Night.
Amber has carefully crafted another bespoke quiz.. all about our animal cousins...

If you have a pet, been on safari or hate spiders - then this is the quiz for you...

Questions, famous animals, drinking and making animals are all part of our Tuesday shenanigans this week..

So if you are a bit crafty, or a zoo-keeper - get down The Charlotte Despard on Tuesday Quiz Night.

Prizes are as follows:
Sambucca, sweets, Plasticine animals, a large paper mache Dali-esque elephant and the chance to draw for a hundred - a hundred quids.. - how can you afford to miss this FREE event..

See you at the Bar. Mwah X

Sunday 15 May 2011

Trojan Pete plays another winner @ The Charlotte Despard

Trojan Pete @ The Charlotte Despard
Thanks again to Pete and his crew

much dancing and frivolity..

same again next month 2nd Saturday -

11th June 2011 - put that date in yer diary

join our facebook group - for all the details

Thursday 12 May 2011

QUIZ NIGHT - wonders of the animal kingdom

Next weeks QUIZ is all about the weird & wonderful creatures of the "animal kingdom..."

think creatures of land, air & the deep blue.... well as that funny creature we call mankind.

shenanigans begin at 9.30pm, with the usual sweetie & boozy round prizes

A bottle of fizz for the winner and  the chance to play for £100!

... the 'trophy' constructed by Chris in his current favourite medium, papier mache, has to be seen to be believed.... Dali would be proud!

SKA NIGHT - saturday 14th May 2011

Tis the second Saturday of the month, which means it's SKA NIGHT with TROJAN PETE....

....Pete'll have his great selection of vinyl for your delectation, playing a selection of classic SKA, two-tone & reggae.

Party starts about 8.30pm and continues til 1am.

So get your dancing shoes on, polish up that Vespa, iron that parka & brush off that trilby & come join the fun!

Tuesday 10 May 2011

The Winners are: "Spaced Out.."

There are the two top teams in this weeks quiz
separated by only half a point..

a good effort by all teams
and some great words at the end..

I was most impressed by Ambers turn on the Mic.

Next week an Animal Quiz..

and a prize to suit !!!

see you all soon .. mwah !

Sunday 8 May 2011


It is my happy duty to inform you that this weeks quiz is all based around the phenomena that is Scrabble...

There'll be anagrams, conundrums, etymology, actual Scrabble & call my bluff, so for all you word-nerds out there, it's a dream come true!

We've got the usual range of boozy & silly round prizes up for grabs....

...& of course first prize is the obligatory bottle of fizz & a chance to play for ninety, count 'em, NINETY pounds!

...but even better than that - you get to win a giant Scrabble tile - it's brilliant!

Quiz starts at 9.30pm and as always it's free to enter. Come & join in with the wordy-nerdy fun!

Facebook group here<<
Twitter here<<
Website here<<

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Saturday Night Soul Shakedown with Liz Wheatley

Hey there party people, its rolled around to the first Saturday of the month which means that DJ Liz Wheatley is back to play us some tunes from her amazing vinyl collection....

....encompassing, jazz, funk, soul, rare groove and classic disco & more....'s gonna be a soul-shakedown party on Saturday night!

records start spinning around 9pm & we're open till 1am, so get your party frocks on & come & shake your stuff!

Next weeks quiz is going to contain some Scrabble

so, if your good with annoying letters or can solve anagrams.

Maybe you know your 2 letter words...

this will be a team affair - with a worthwhile prize

more details to follow - on the Facebook Group

should be a bit of a laff - with the ususal winners drinks and chance to draw for 90 quid for the winners.

Sunday 1 May 2011

Private Party today @ The Charlotte Despard

Sorry All,

Today we have a private booking..

A Christening for Daisy - Good luck to Michelle & Anthony and their families.

Back to normal tomorrow....

hopefully we have some beer left !!

Friday 22 April 2011

QUIZ NIGHT - ROYAL vs REPUBLIC (with a bit of peasantry thrown in....)

Well folks, it's coming round to Tuesday again, which means it's QUIZ time again!

And if you're lucky enough for it to have escaped your notice, there's quite a big wedding thing happening next week too....

which means of course, that we've got our theme for the quiz: "ROYAL VS. REPUBLIC" - with a little (or a lot) of peasantry thrown in!

You know us - it's gonna be quiz, but with a twist; and the obligatory quality themed prizes.... this end, flushed with the success of last weeks 9ft papier mache Oscar, Chris is currently working on a bling-bling throne - complete with Orb & Sceptre.

Start time is the usual prepared for questions, picture rounds, handouts & even some creative hands-on-ness!

Sunday 17 April 2011


After the storming success of last week's egg-straordinary & most egg-cellent egg-stravaganza, where teams were answering questions, making & throwing paper aeroplanes, decorating eggs & building machines with which to hurl them across the room....

....we figured we'd have to go some to top that....

So we're taking quiz night to the movies. You can expect questions, clips, pictures, and even some improv....

...and the BEST EVER quiz prize that you ever did see!

Chris has played an absolute blinder & made you something amazing. Come have a look-see. 9.30pm Tuesday. See you at the bar!

PS. There is 60 quid in our roll-over find the cash in a hidden box prize

Thursday 14 April 2011

A few piccies from Tuesdays quiz @ The Charlotte Despard

The Egg Heads and some of their designers
On Tuesday we had our quiz....
but this one was a little bit different..

Construction, Craft, maths and aesthetics were involved, even a little bit of aeronautics and aerodynamics came into the fray...

"OVER EASY" were the clear winners with a 9 metre egg-throwing machine.. fair play guys!

went from the back of the pub out of the front doors and smashed on the pavement outside... no-one could believe - and a huge cheer and applause was the achievement !!!

Sambucca, fried eggs and Easter eggs were devoured....

Click the photo - to see all the piccies - TAG away and join our Facebook Group.

NEXT QUIZ - is a MOVIE QUIZ - lets call it the OSCARZ... - where your team will genuinely be up for an Oscar!!!

As usual it will be question based - but i'm sure we will be able to coach the "lovey-darlings" in you to put on a little interactive show..

Wednesday 13 April 2011


Just thought I'd write a few words to let you know that the beer is back!

The fridges are looking lovely & varied these days - with exciting ales, pale ales, IPA's, ciders & lagers from pretty much all over....

We've got everything from the tasty Goose Island IPA & the Sierra Nevada pale ale from the States, three really interesting beers from the Scottish Brewdog brewery, LOADS of quality European beers & lagers, London brewed bottle-conditioned Kernel ales, beer from Suffolk and even a great lager from Tasmania! To name-check but a few....

It's very much on our agenda to keep on improving & extending the range that we carry so for all you adventurous types out there - watch this space!

We'll shortly be introducing a suggestions book (hard copy & electronic), so if you've had a great beer somewhere & think other people should know about it - let us know & if we think it'd be a good addition to our range, you may well be seeing your favourite in the fridges or on the pumps.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

QUIZ NIGHT at The Charlotte Despard, Archway - is here again

YES YES YES - Its Tuesday....

which means - quiz-time...

This weeks madness is all about inventions, manufacture, whacky ideas and lots of elastic bands.

We're even gonna throw an artistic round and a Russian Roulette round into the mix - A bit like the Deer Hunter!

So bring your brains, dexterity, skill and bloody-mindedness along.

usual shennanigans at about 9.30pm - the obligatory sweets and sambucca prizes - and a big prize for the winners.. see you all later


Well this is the conclusion of Round 2....

then we built catapults and then launched them


Too Much Fun......

EGGHEADZ watch out !!

Saturday 9 April 2011

Trojan Pete returns to The Charlotte Despard

TONIGHT at 20:00 - until 01:00

Location :: The Charlotte Despard, 17-19, Archway Road, London N19 3TX

Trojan Pete spinning the best in classic ska, rocksteady, skinhead reggae

every 2nd saturday!


Dont miss the antics

click the poster for facebook event invite

Friday 1 April 2011

BIG Sports quiz with OLLY SCAIFE - relief quizzmeister

This weeks quiz is a special guest written affair.

Olly, one of our super - regular quizzers has offered to give Amber & I a rest for a week..

So his challenge was to come up with a well researched quiz

He chose SPORT as the Theme.. so, it will be a question of sport with Olly on Tuesday @ 9.30pm - The Charlotte Despard - Archway

There will be a picture round, Question rounds and we're working on an interactive round.

Don't miss the fun with Olly - The usual FREE ENTRANCE, MANDATORY Drinks and sweets for winners and our Jackpot is now £40 quid.. good luck teams.

Sunday 27 March 2011

NEARLY Quiz Night Tuesday.. Music Quiz this week

As it says on the tin...its gonna be a music quiz..Hand-crafted by Amber. so think outside of the box

So if you know your Rock or Cover versions..
or who is the Greatest..  give it a shot,
As usual, lots of prizes and fun... "no admission fee"

we got picture rounds, audio rounds and questions...

Fun for free plus prizes... in Archway

PS.. Ollie, have you got any sports news for us??

Thursday 24 March 2011


After a short absence, we are pleased to announce the return of Wandle Ale, brewed by the Sambrook's Brewery down in Battersea.

Then for the next few weeks, whilst we're getting things sorted at the pub, Sambrook's, Redemption and St Austell's will be on rotation.

But rest assured that once things are sorted, there will be four hand-pumps on the bar! - watch the website for the details

We're thinking that we''ll have the above beers as permanent fixtures, leaving the fourth pump free as a guest ale - featuring award winners, new releases and recommendations from you guys!

Speciality beer and our range of bottled beers is available online too.. 

Thursday 17 March 2011


Blimey...... quiz time in archway's a mahoussive one next week - a quiz wot covers the whole wide world.

A little over-ambitious you may say, but I reckons we can can pull it off (if we can do a practical quiz on the 5 senses, we can do anything!)

For all you geography-phobes out there - DON'T PANIC! It won't all be about tectonic plates and human densities....

There's going to be seven rounds - all based upon the seven continents -

North America / South America /Antarctica / Africa / Europe / Asia / Australia

and within that it'll be culture, history, commerce - you name it, it'll be covered!

Start time will be the usual 9.30pm, but now that Chris's arm is mended and the kitchen is reopen, why not come early and have some grub?

PS - don't forget peeps, you'll be playing to win the world! That should appeal to the latent supreme ruler in you all....

Monday 14 March 2011


Quiz time is here again.....

....and it's all about the colours of the rainbow.

Not a soppy quiz about rainbows n' kittens n' sparkly soft girlie rubbish!

I may throw in a question or two about the kids TV show, but maybe I won't.... know me and my question tangents - a question on that would be far too obvious!

Kick off is usual time of 9.30. Unfortunately Sky still hasn't been resurrected (tho who really cares about Man Utd?) but we're gonna stick to usual start time so as not to confuse.

See you at the bar for fun n' larks!

Friday 11 March 2011

SKA Night is here once again - Saturday Night - Trojan Pete's Ska Party

If you're in North London and fancy a bit of SKA, REGGAE or 2-TONE,,,,,
then you better get down to The Charlotte Despard - this Saturday.

Our Resident SKA DJ, Trojan Pete - will be in full flow...

sound effects, delay and ch ch ch ch ch choonage !

come and join the fun from about 8.30pm til 1am

We got the lot - so why not pop in.

See youz at the bar.

PS  >>> Join our Facebook group

Sunday 6 March 2011


Since Spring seems to be taking it's own sweet time to arrive properly - as in not being so bloody cold - thought it might be nice to inject a bit of warm into things by making a quiz all about the seaside.....

....halcyon days on the beach, candy floss, warm sand between your toes.....

We'll have palm trees, inflatables and ice cream cones.

Beach wear is optional!