Wednesday 7 September 2016

Archway Road Leaks And Social Engineering

The massive leak on Archway road
Running down it must erode
Sub-contract said they followed the code
And have the licence to dig up the road
But you measured it wrong "embarrassed mode!"
without consulting about where we unload
Or assessing the risk that I showed and I showed
Instead concrete arrived by the truck load
To fill in the steps to get under the road
The leak still apparent - and will forever erode
This community, the budget and under that road
The bikes are too close - and pedestrians slowed
Out of the pub, trip and a cyclist mowed
By a bus attempting to go south on this road
Emergency route, schools and the suicide road
Desensitized Archway - slowly corrode
cosmetic concrete cover-up community crowed
Bus station flats from envelopes that glowed
Pollution, disaster and extra traffic load
Corporate machine and the massive rail-road
Social engineering and the Archway road.