Saturday 27 February 2016

Archway Gyratory and Junction Ward councillors

Things have changed - and now.... the gloves are off.
I bumped into (by chance ;)) our 3 councillors - out for a wee bit of canvassing ! - this morning. Myself and a local resident asked them a few questions and with 5 minutes blue lights and a police car !!!!!!
I videoed most of it, but will need to be careful of privacy - they weren't happy.
The police were cool and understood - in fact, they were really nice guys. While we were explaining the undemocratic nature of this council and their stupid proposals and lack of info - the councillors slipped away. OMG!
So - now our local councillors think it's OK to waste police time, whilst canvassing and finding it hard to speak to local residents and business owners who care more about community and environment.
I have a cunning plan.

Tuesday 16 February 2016

ePetition - Archway rd bus stands, crossing, subway removal and loading bay removal

Please sign this petition - Islington BC have handed TfL a bit of a problem.
The problem is there is no easy solution. They won't talk to us and it could put us out of business.
All help gratefully received - thank-you.

Monday 8 February 2016

TfL and Islington BC are ignoring me

after 100's of emails over 4 years and all the big names that hide make it difficult.
I don't want to commit a public order offence, but the ignorance is making me upset and frustrated.
There are errors, gaps and inconsistencies - but TfL and Islington do not want to discuss at any length.
I worry that there will be an injury, death or infringement of civil liberties because of these proposals.
With the removal of our loading bay - it will be almost impossible to operate our pub business. Beer is delivered in 50 litre metal, pressurized kegs. Insurance, courtesy and safety have limits.
By removing half of the width of the pavement outside the pub and introducing a cycle path next to a bus stand where 50 buses per hour u-turn onto one of the busiest arterial roads - is beyond belief and absolutely going to cause a whole barrel of other problems: rat runs, congestion, road rage, pollution, noise, etc.
By removing the safe method of crossing, the subway outside the pub, and introducing a crossing that pedestrians don't control, only the illusion that they do. On a road that is an emergency route, 24 hour hour double red route and busy arterial road. The subway has no crime in the 5 years i have been here. Speeding takes place every day on the road. The speed cam is in the wrong place and the previous one never flashed once in 5 years.
I have spoken with these people listed below and I believe that they are the people who are responsible for any failings or issues.:
Jeremy Corbyn - said he understood and would visit (59 days ago)
Janet Burgess - will not meet or attend - also doesn't have accurate information
Lazslo Palinkas - TfL / Ringway Jacobs designer - has not consulted population or modelled all circumstances
Vlad - TfL Prject Mgr - dismissive of this community, rude and flippant
Mark Greenaway - Engineer - similar problems to Vlad
Claudia Webbe - Transport & Environment is her remit
Kaya Comer-Schwartz - ward councillor has never completed any of my request over years and never followed up on anything. I am blocked on twitter by my councillor.

why so far away?

A Poem to Janet Burgess MBE

Janet, surely there's no time to delay,
with years gone by and no work today
structures are crumbling, and falling apart
cracks are appearing, breaking our heart
taking our taxes and drinking sham-pain
email header always have the same names

we've watched and requested for years and years
everything's broken and here come the tears
over and over like a broken record we plead
just give us the stuff that we paid for and need
we feel let down - like, totally shunned
it's not your money - the community fund

and with baited breath, as you un-stick the glue
before, and or even without going through
any consultation, or even asking a few
you may understand our cynical view.

so you see - we need an eye on the ball
a place to start and someone we can call
just fix up this place - we double dare you
we paid already and what do you do?
you work for the electorate - that's only one job
please take this invite for tea and hob nobs

please come over any time (5pm til 1am)
Chris and everyone in N19

after no reply - sent this ..

woke up this morning and still no replies
i was hoping, at least some promises, not lies
but, days disappear and the weather is worse
everything's broken and the pipes have burst
after years and years of the same old story
Labour council but the mayor is a Tory
nothing changes except the time on the clock
when you work every day - I expect quite a lot
why do you hate the idea of us thriving
working hard everyday, even our children are striving
to improve the area, make it safe for the kids 
to cross the road near the suicide bridge
now, almost too late - everyone is hiding
shirking, denying and even some lying.
as we add up the time and all of the faces
the waste is apparent and only 3 places:
TfL - left holding the inhuman baby
ward councillors - not educated, maybe
Islington's sell off - the social engineering
cheering, sneering and totally interfering
with life our most precious - our air and the light
the taxes stay high and the excuses are trite
come to the table - and make headway today
sincerely yours, the residents of Archway.