Thursday 19 May 2016

Euro 2016 - The Fixtures

Group stage

Friday, June 10
France vs. Romania -- Saint-Denis (8 p.m)

Saturday, June 11
Albania vs. Switzerland -- Lens (2 p.m)
Wales vs. Slovakia -- Bordeaux (5 p.m)
England vs. Russia -- Marseille (8 p.m)

Sunday, June 12
Turkey vs. Croatia -- Paris (2 p.m)
Poland vs. Northern Ireland -- Nice (5 p.m)
Germany vs. Ukraine -- Lille (8 p.m)

Monday, June 13
Spain vs. Czech Rep -- Toulouse (2 p.m)
Rep of Ireland vs. Sweden -- Saint-Denis (5 p.m)
Belgium vs. Italy -- Lyon (8 p.m)

Tuesday, June 14
Austria vs. Hungary -- Bordeaux (5 p.m)
Portugal vs. Iceland -- Saint-Etienne (8 p.m)

Wednesday, June 15
Russia vs. Slovakia -- Lille (2 p.m)
Romania vs. Switzerland -- Paris (5 p.m)
France vs. Albania -- Marseille (8 p.m)

Thursday, June 16
England vs. Wales -- Lens (2 p.m)
Ukraine vs. Northern Ireland -- Lyon (5 p.m)
Germany vs. Poland -- Saint-Denis (8 p.m)

Friday, June 17
Italy vs. Sweden -- Toulouse (2 p.m)
Czech Rep vs. Croatia -- Saint-Etienne (5 p.m)
Spain vs. Turkey -- Nice (8 p.m)

Saturday, June 18
Belgium vs. Rep of Ireland -- Bordeaux (2 p.m)
Iceland vs. Hungary -- Marseille (5 p.m)
Portugal vs. Austria -- Paris (8 p.m)

Sunday, June 19
Romania vs. Albania -- Lyon (8 p.m)
Switzerland vs. France -- Lille (8 p.m)

Monday, June 20
Russia vs. Wales -- Toulouse (8 p.m)
Slovakia vs. England -- Saint-Etienne (8 p.m)

Tuesday, June 21
Ukraine vs. Poland -- Marseille (5 p.m)
Northern Ireland vs. Germany -- Paris (5 p.m)
Czech Rep vs. Turkey -- Lens (8 p.m)
Croatia vs. Spain -- Bordeaux (8 p.m)

Wednesday, June 22
Iceland vs. Austria -- Saint-Denis (5 p.m)
Hungary vs. Portugal -- Lyon (5 p.m)
Italy vs. Rep of Ireland -- Lille (8 p.m)
Sweden vs. Belgium -- Nice (8 p.m)


Monday 16 May 2016

Legz taking it really easy today

Half cat, half biscuit.
not sure which half is which tho !

.. in disguise and in his supervisory capacity.

He says "really looking forward to the EU Referendum and the Euro's - see you at the bar."

The Princess Griff is in the house

King of all he surveys. Griff.

Eurovision on - check
Tiara on - check

Tall animals

I really love it when tall animals get better.

This giraffe had a bad ankle. - but now he's playing football with his friends.

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Letter to Patrick Kelly - Ringway Jacobs Liason officer

I just sent this letter to our NEW liason officer for the people digging the road:-

Dear Patrick, surely we could meet
out in the open or more discreet?
i'm sitting here, tapping a beat
with no responses - are you a cheat?
I just want to chat, you know speak and greet
about what we said, only last week.
a loading bay here, is all we seek
because without it, the future is bleak
and the cycle path cheek to cheek
with my customers - risk at it's peak!
but, top of the list is the massive water leak
and i'm afraid the cycle path that you seek
needs to delay while the engineers peek
and go up the hill not quite to the peak
to stop this nightmare - that seems to be unique
in short, risk assess, loading bay and stop the leak
answer my emails - please don't take a week

Saturday 7 May 2016

Super Sunny Saturday - Pub doors at 4

sunny day
DON'T FORGET: if you get sun burnt or fed up of insects - We open at 4pm.
air conditioning, 3 legged cat and a huge selection of the coldest drinks.
here's the view right now :-

LIZ WHEATLEY will be playing the finest tunes known to man from about 9pm - After sun & dancing shoes.

Friday 6 May 2016

Election blues - Pub opens at 4pm

Vote: Legz 2018
Seems Legz is nonplussed - and is thinking of running next time. 
pub opens at 4pm for beer and election discussion. 

Legz is looking for a campaign manager, stylist, PA and an economist.

he could change his mind at any moment though.

Cask Ale at The Charlotte Despard

All our ales are chosen on locality, quality and service from the brewers. Great guys, with great beer.
Currently Serving: ELB & New River

Cask Ale from The Charlotte Despard