Friday 22 April 2011

QUIZ NIGHT - ROYAL vs REPUBLIC (with a bit of peasantry thrown in....)

Well folks, it's coming round to Tuesday again, which means it's QUIZ time again!

And if you're lucky enough for it to have escaped your notice, there's quite a big wedding thing happening next week too....

which means of course, that we've got our theme for the quiz: "ROYAL VS. REPUBLIC" - with a little (or a lot) of peasantry thrown in!

You know us - it's gonna be quiz, but with a twist; and the obligatory quality themed prizes.... this end, flushed with the success of last weeks 9ft papier mache Oscar, Chris is currently working on a bling-bling throne - complete with Orb & Sceptre.

Start time is the usual prepared for questions, picture rounds, handouts & even some creative hands-on-ness!

Sunday 17 April 2011


After the storming success of last week's egg-straordinary & most egg-cellent egg-stravaganza, where teams were answering questions, making & throwing paper aeroplanes, decorating eggs & building machines with which to hurl them across the room....

....we figured we'd have to go some to top that....

So we're taking quiz night to the movies. You can expect questions, clips, pictures, and even some improv....

...and the BEST EVER quiz prize that you ever did see!

Chris has played an absolute blinder & made you something amazing. Come have a look-see. 9.30pm Tuesday. See you at the bar!

PS. There is 60 quid in our roll-over find the cash in a hidden box prize

Thursday 14 April 2011

A few piccies from Tuesdays quiz @ The Charlotte Despard

The Egg Heads and some of their designers
On Tuesday we had our quiz....
but this one was a little bit different..

Construction, Craft, maths and aesthetics were involved, even a little bit of aeronautics and aerodynamics came into the fray...

"OVER EASY" were the clear winners with a 9 metre egg-throwing machine.. fair play guys!

went from the back of the pub out of the front doors and smashed on the pavement outside... no-one could believe - and a huge cheer and applause was the achievement !!!

Sambucca, fried eggs and Easter eggs were devoured....

Click the photo - to see all the piccies - TAG away and join our Facebook Group.

NEXT QUIZ - is a MOVIE QUIZ - lets call it the OSCARZ... - where your team will genuinely be up for an Oscar!!!

As usual it will be question based - but i'm sure we will be able to coach the "lovey-darlings" in you to put on a little interactive show..

Wednesday 13 April 2011


Just thought I'd write a few words to let you know that the beer is back!

The fridges are looking lovely & varied these days - with exciting ales, pale ales, IPA's, ciders & lagers from pretty much all over....

We've got everything from the tasty Goose Island IPA & the Sierra Nevada pale ale from the States, three really interesting beers from the Scottish Brewdog brewery, LOADS of quality European beers & lagers, London brewed bottle-conditioned Kernel ales, beer from Suffolk and even a great lager from Tasmania! To name-check but a few....

It's very much on our agenda to keep on improving & extending the range that we carry so for all you adventurous types out there - watch this space!

We'll shortly be introducing a suggestions book (hard copy & electronic), so if you've had a great beer somewhere & think other people should know about it - let us know & if we think it'd be a good addition to our range, you may well be seeing your favourite in the fridges or on the pumps.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

QUIZ NIGHT at The Charlotte Despard, Archway - is here again

YES YES YES - Its Tuesday....

which means - quiz-time...

This weeks madness is all about inventions, manufacture, whacky ideas and lots of elastic bands.

We're even gonna throw an artistic round and a Russian Roulette round into the mix - A bit like the Deer Hunter!

So bring your brains, dexterity, skill and bloody-mindedness along.

usual shennanigans at about 9.30pm - the obligatory sweets and sambucca prizes - and a big prize for the winners.. see you all later


Well this is the conclusion of Round 2....

then we built catapults and then launched them


Too Much Fun......

EGGHEADZ watch out !!

Saturday 9 April 2011

Trojan Pete returns to The Charlotte Despard

TONIGHT at 20:00 - until 01:00

Location :: The Charlotte Despard, 17-19, Archway Road, London N19 3TX

Trojan Pete spinning the best in classic ska, rocksteady, skinhead reggae

every 2nd saturday!


Dont miss the antics

click the poster for facebook event invite

Friday 1 April 2011

BIG Sports quiz with OLLY SCAIFE - relief quizzmeister

This weeks quiz is a special guest written affair.

Olly, one of our super - regular quizzers has offered to give Amber & I a rest for a week..

So his challenge was to come up with a well researched quiz

He chose SPORT as the Theme.. so, it will be a question of sport with Olly on Tuesday @ 9.30pm - The Charlotte Despard - Archway

There will be a picture round, Question rounds and we're working on an interactive round.

Don't miss the fun with Olly - The usual FREE ENTRANCE, MANDATORY Drinks and sweets for winners and our Jackpot is now £40 quid.. good luck teams.