Sunday 27 February 2011

Redemption Pale Ale - Tottenham

Just wanted to take the time to say a massive thank you to Andy at Redemption Brewery in Tottenham.

Not only is he a first class beer brewer - we have his fabulous Pale Ale on at the moment & hope to have it as a permanent draft here at the Despard; he has been a real help to us here over the last few months.

I know of no other brewer that could furnish us with top notch ale on the shortest of notice on a Sunday morning!

Customer service above & beyond!

Sincere thanks from us lot @ the Despard.

Saturday 26 February 2011


Hey there lovely peeps....

'Tis my solemn duty to inform you that Quiz Night is once again on the horizon!

Another goodie for you (although I do say so myself)....

...this week is all about pitting the good guys against the bad, the devils vs. angels, heroes vs. villains....

I think you catch my drift!

Think gangster movies, ancient stuff, politics, you name it! You know the Despard Quiz by now - we have a title, but we can still tangent!

Hope to see you all for another corker of a night - usual start time of 9.30pm.....

PS.... feel free to indulge any fancy dress inclinations -

 I'm thinking it would be quite surreal & amusing to see the pub, on a (probably rainy) Tuesday night peopled with gangsters & molls, Achilles, Tony Blair.....

See you there.. we may even have some nice prizes... X

Listen up people - Johnathan (from behind the bar) and Robbies radio show

2 hours of chuckles and choonz
worth checking every week - laters

Thursday 3 February 2011


Theme has been decided for next week's quiz - Tuesday 8th February - it's going to be all about The Wild West.

Am trying to be organised & I've actually started it already - can't be doing with the whole last minute, still typing the final questions whilst Round One has already begun!

If we have the time, we'll try and dress the pub like a saloon bar & who knows, maybe we'll get Jamie dressed as a saloon gal!