Wednesday 17 August 2011

This week i have been mostly...

watching the news,
watching movies,
having fun and playing games

which kinda turned into this...

its called - "reality of virtual insanity" or "WTF!"


Wednesday 10 August 2011

Dear Customers & Friends of The Despard

We are sorry to inform you all that we are closed.

If you have any financial undertakings with Nat Swift Catering Ltd - Please contact Nat Swift directly or his solicitors. - We are currently in the hands of solicitors, accountants and protocol.

The Pub will re-open as soon as we can make it happen. - Please bear with us.

Regular updates will be posted here and if you are a member of our Facebook group or on our Text message list for quizzes - we will keep you informed.

Monday 1 August 2011


It's Monday & that means it's Quiz Night tomorrow & guess what? I finished writing the quiz last night. Miracles DO happen.

The quiz is all about the wonderful world of board games, but of course there are rounds which are only somewhat tenuously connected to board games.

There's going to be a giant Pictionary round and a giant Cranium round - plenty of interactivity to get the competitive juices flowing.

As always, you'll be playing for the sweetie & boozy prizes per round & the Prossecco & kudos for the team that wins overall.....

....but the best part about winning the quiz for the next few weeks is the chance to pick from the deck of cards, find a pair & win up to £140 - EVERY WEEK! It's like a souped up game of Pairs.

Shennanigans begin at the usual time of 9.30pm, but kitchen is open from 6-9pm & we have board games, a dart board, lovely staff, so why not make a proper evening of it & come down earlier? Place is looking proper lovely thanks to all Chris's hard work.