Sunday 27 March 2011

NEARLY Quiz Night Tuesday.. Music Quiz this week

As it says on the tin...its gonna be a music quiz..Hand-crafted by Amber. so think outside of the box

So if you know your Rock or Cover versions..
or who is the Greatest..  give it a shot,
As usual, lots of prizes and fun... "no admission fee"

we got picture rounds, audio rounds and questions...

Fun for free plus prizes... in Archway

PS.. Ollie, have you got any sports news for us??

Thursday 24 March 2011


After a short absence, we are pleased to announce the return of Wandle Ale, brewed by the Sambrook's Brewery down in Battersea.

Then for the next few weeks, whilst we're getting things sorted at the pub, Sambrook's, Redemption and St Austell's will be on rotation.

But rest assured that once things are sorted, there will be four hand-pumps on the bar! - watch the website for the details

We're thinking that we''ll have the above beers as permanent fixtures, leaving the fourth pump free as a guest ale - featuring award winners, new releases and recommendations from you guys!

Speciality beer and our range of bottled beers is available online too.. 

Thursday 17 March 2011


Blimey...... quiz time in archway's a mahoussive one next week - a quiz wot covers the whole wide world.

A little over-ambitious you may say, but I reckons we can can pull it off (if we can do a practical quiz on the 5 senses, we can do anything!)

For all you geography-phobes out there - DON'T PANIC! It won't all be about tectonic plates and human densities....

There's going to be seven rounds - all based upon the seven continents -

North America / South America /Antarctica / Africa / Europe / Asia / Australia

and within that it'll be culture, history, commerce - you name it, it'll be covered!

Start time will be the usual 9.30pm, but now that Chris's arm is mended and the kitchen is reopen, why not come early and have some grub?

PS - don't forget peeps, you'll be playing to win the world! That should appeal to the latent supreme ruler in you all....

Monday 14 March 2011


Quiz time is here again.....

....and it's all about the colours of the rainbow.

Not a soppy quiz about rainbows n' kittens n' sparkly soft girlie rubbish!

I may throw in a question or two about the kids TV show, but maybe I won't.... know me and my question tangents - a question on that would be far too obvious!

Kick off is usual time of 9.30. Unfortunately Sky still hasn't been resurrected (tho who really cares about Man Utd?) but we're gonna stick to usual start time so as not to confuse.

See you at the bar for fun n' larks!

Friday 11 March 2011

SKA Night is here once again - Saturday Night - Trojan Pete's Ska Party

If you're in North London and fancy a bit of SKA, REGGAE or 2-TONE,,,,,
then you better get down to The Charlotte Despard - this Saturday.

Our Resident SKA DJ, Trojan Pete - will be in full flow...

sound effects, delay and ch ch ch ch ch choonage !

come and join the fun from about 8.30pm til 1am

We got the lot - so why not pop in.

See youz at the bar.

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Sunday 6 March 2011


Since Spring seems to be taking it's own sweet time to arrive properly - as in not being so bloody cold - thought it might be nice to inject a bit of warm into things by making a quiz all about the seaside.....

....halcyon days on the beach, candy floss, warm sand between your toes.....

We'll have palm trees, inflatables and ice cream cones.

Beach wear is optional!

Thursday 3 March 2011

its bloody freezing again......brrrrrrr !

Ok already... we want warm now..

do we not have 4 bank holidays in quick succession

is it not nearly time to change the clocks

is it fast approaching easter

why do i still have my coat on in bed ???