Friday 22 July 2011

The Brink (Live) @ The Charlotte Despard

Special Event:  This Saturday Night.....
THE BRINK are playing ... do not miss this... 8 til 11 then loads of drinkin'.. 
see you at the bar... call to reserve tables.
"Come and get a fix of rock, beer, and wailing on a truly frightening scale"

The Charlotte Despard
17-19 Archway Road, N19 3TX
0207 272 7872

Monday 18 July 2011


Tuesday rolls around again, so chaps & chapessess, it must mean it's Quiz Night again.

Keeping it simple this week - going old skool & almost doing a traditional pub quiz ( I said almost!)

Each round will pertain to the different colour cheeses in Trivial Pursuit, so you'll have People & Places, Art & Literature, Science & Nature, Sport & Leisure, Entertainment & History.

Got a new twist on how you get to win the cash-money...
...all will be revealed tomo eve; but I can say now that it'll be technically possible to win £130 any week!

Fun n' larks commence usual time of 9.30pm - see you at the bar!

new addition to the despard crew


Tuesday 12 July 2011

180 quid quiz winners - The Charlotte Despard

‎"BECKS & HUGS & SHOCK & SOUL - pulled it out the bag when it really mattered. "
flippin' 'eck.... what a fookin quiz... lets go all the way back.k.k.k.k.k.k.......

16 weeks ago we put 30 quid in a box and the winners could draw for the pots,,,,as the weeks went whizz, we added quids and themed the quiz - regular champions appear and start to reign, coming every week through drifting ice and rain.. with 2 boxes left and 180 notes - a cheeky little team of contenders and quotes - stepped up to the line and threw down the glove - BINGO and drew the right box from above... champagne was drunk, the dollars were shared, everyone drunk then tekken tag blared. ------ so who's up for the new beginning and maybe a new style... let me know your thoughts.... big ups to all.. Robin T. W. WilliamsThomas Spary Alan Lobo and the rest of the team - also Clovis Rau Olly Scaife and team - Peter Mardle 's Team - Hungry Sexy Horny, Boogaloo and all the others.. we had a good one.. CHEERZ

Sunday 10 July 2011


'tis Quiz Night again, and it's a biggie - in fact it's MASSIVE!

As the title suggests, it's all about the heady world of 'Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll' so expect tales of celebrity excess, spectacular implosions, crazy name it, we'll have it...and you can take the title pretty literally this time too...

Playing for the usual boozy & sweetie prizes for the individual rounds, plus a bottle of fizz for the winning team........

.......and the chance to pick from one of the two remaining boxes AND POSSIBLY WIN £180!!

Fun starts at the usual time of 9.30, and it may be worth coming early or reserving a table - there's a lot of interest already been shown in this week's quiz. Hmm, I wonder why that would be?

Thursday 7 July 2011

Trojan Pete SKA Party @ The Charlotte Despard Saturday Night

Yup - its back round to Trojan Pete's monthly visit,, this Saturday.

Playin his finest tunes til 1am - SKA, 2Tone, Classic Reggae and more..

all kicks off about 8.30 and it usually gets loud !!

see you at the bar - kitchen closes at 9pm

Monday 4 July 2011

its almost Tuesday Quiz Night - This week QUINGO.

Yes Yes...
Its a £170 jackpot Quiz with Bingo

Yup, the questions will be drawn by bingo balls and bonuses will be awarded for: line, 2 linesa full card

This weeks art isnt even started !!! *gulp*

The usual shenanigans and malarky are sure to be had.

so pop down..
.. about 9.30 on Tuesday for some Quiztastic Bingo Fun

the pic is a Quingo, a 5 wheeled motability scooter - i want 1