Saturday 30 October 2010



After many a wasted hour attempting to collate 70 questions on the subject of all things Bonfire Night & finding it nigh on impossible to formulate a quiz suitable for anyone other than a total bonfire anorak.....

Tuesday's quiz is now on all things "Cool Britannia"....

Remember when it were so?

Broad subject base - film, social change, music, fashion, art, you name it.

Looks like a long night of question formulating for me, so I hope to see you on Tuesday, 9.30pm!

PS - The quiz title may've changed but I'm still determined on the indoor fireworks!

Friday 29 October 2010

Our local Parkour nutters.

Action shot of our local airborne humans

They leap over the subway and sometimes ...

land on the A1 just in front of a bus..

so if you hear  ppl on yer roof - its probably this lot takin a short cut to the chippy !

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Well, seen as its got cold again...

I think we'll put a nice hot soup back on the menu.


new menu - very shortly as well as a Christmas menu

Monday 25 October 2010




tis quiz night again tomorrow eve. once again i am spending another night in front of the 'puter, and i'll be spending the afternoon tomo carving pumpkins....

.....but it's worth it & I do love it so! especially as I've got 10kgs of dry ice arriving tomo - oh yes, i'm going all out on this one....

atmospherics, bring it on!

so come on down for a fun, spooky evening.

dry ice, jack o'lanterns & can you not?!

Sunday 24 October 2010



Great night had by all last eve - the inaugural session of


hosted by the lovely Michelle & Paul, was a resounding success!

It's most definitely going to be a regular monthly occurrence on the third Saturday of the month....
.....or maybe even bi-monthly, if we ask 'em nicely....

It's something that will develop, and we hope to be bringing you live acoustic sessions mixed up with dj's in the not to distant future.

See you for the next one!

Sun is Shining

might as well pop down for a sandwich and a pint

Friday 22 October 2010


 Tonight Eva and I attacks, rocking the speaker stacks... Girl v boy DJ's!

Come earlier for food and wine, or pitch up later for an night time drinkie poos! DJing from 9pm and LATE in the Archway Massive!!

Wednesday 20 October 2010


Well done to last nights quiz winners -


Hope to see you guys back next week to defend your title.....

....and as you've probably guessed, next weeks quiz has a Halloween theme, so not only shall I be devising a fiendish & spooky quiz, looks like I'll also be putting in some hours carving some pumpkins!

See you on Tuesday!

Tuesday 19 October 2010

YO YO YO - Quiz night beckons @ The Charlotte Despard

Quiz all about London

How easy is that >>??

stuff right on yer doorstep

come and have a go from about 9:30 pm

Monday 18 October 2010

Wednesday night shennanigans - Part 1 @ Proud in 2 Weeks

if you dont have school on a Thursday -
there's abig party on

Wednesday the 3rd of November

DUNYA DANCE - @ PROUD CAMDEN - The stables - Camden

 All the event details can be found here

Find more artists like Chizza Chong at Myspace Music

Sunday 17 October 2010

Indie Night

Calling all you Indie boys n'girls...

This Saturday marks the start of a monthly Saturday night devoted to all things Indie - and that's a big umbrella!

Get your diaries out & mark down the third Saturday of each month as Indie Night @ the Despard.

Discs will be spun & as the night builds live, acoustic acts will perform live for your pleasure...

JAZZ from the TONY BURNS quartet - this evening

Yes Tony and his Jazz returns to the Charlotte Despard tonight.

Mainstream Jazz played from around 8:30pm

come and join Tony and his pals for some laid back jazz favourites

Thursday 14 October 2010

...and the pub is now completely green

Nat has finished painting the pub -

so here it is a green as you like..

and the passer by is Nick !

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Quiz Night all about London Town...INNIT!


next weeks quiz is all about London Town....somat that these lovelies would know all about.

It'll be a mixed bag, but it'll all most certainly all link back to this fair city of ours... gen up on your local knowledge and chow down on some pie & mash and some jellied eels (brain food don't'cha know!?)

As always, as there's a theme to the quiz, there'll be a theme to the prizes. Quite how last weeks retro sweeties (see previous blog photos) and the legendary Etch-A-Sketch can be topped, I'm still pondering!

But rest assured, I'll come up with somat good if it kills me!

So, hope to see you on Tuesday for QUIZ!!

There's football of some variety on Tues, so, kick off for the quiz will be 9.30pm.

Congratulations to Team Akabussi for winning last night's 'Childhood Whimsey' quiz. But well done to the the other teams, especially second placed Bob Fossil.

Have already started work on next week's quiz -

"London, innit!"

got lots of fun ideas, so I hope you'll all come and take part.

Any suggestions for themed quizes are always welcome, just instant message the pub via the webpage -

Monday 11 October 2010

Quiz night is approaching - time to swot up

ooooh, its nearly quiz night -

Amber has prepared hard

bring thinking caps and be prepared to cast back to your childhood

i'm looking forward to the sweetie rewards !!!

see you at the quiz @ The Charlotte Despard

Saturday 9 October 2010

Quiz Night - Childhood Whimsey....

Tuesday rolls around again, which means it's Quiz Night ....

..... and this time, the theme is childhood memories!

No matter your age, cast your mind back and remember those halcyon days....., music, books, board games, comics, sweets....

and speaking of sweets, we're fully loaded with flying saucers, popping candy and pez dispensers (remember them?!)

age is no barrier....we'll be covering every era, so come play!

All aboard - the SKA train

TROJAN PETE is back tonight for his monthly SKA party

playing the finest in old reggae and two tone ska

starts about 9pm and we still jumpin round about 1am

see you at the bar

Friday 8 October 2010

HOWARD is back tonight - yes its FRIDAY @ The Charlotte Despard


playing the finest Ibiza Chill-out and funky beats - 

check Howard from about 9pm til 1am

sitting down is OK... but once you start tapping...
you are invited to dance.

See you all @ The Charlotte Despard

More Real Ales at the Despard

For a while now we have stocked Timothy Taylor Landlord Bitter 4.3% ABV and Sambrook's Wandle 3.8% ABV as our two main real ales. Taylor is a great Ale and I think I'm correct in claiming that it has won more awards than any other real ale. Wandle is a locally produced ale. Its brewed in Battersea by Sambrooks Brewery who have have only been brewing for 2yrs now. Both are great ales and will remain remain as our main offering on hand pump.

We are now expanding our Real Ale offering by serving 2 guest ales directly from the cask. We are very keen to support locally produced ales and have been a member of CAMRA's LocAle scheme for well over a year now. So one of these ales will always be sourced from a local supplier - thats a brewer who is based within 30 miles of London. The craft brewing industry is booming in London and the South East with new brewers opening up almost every month or so it seems so there's great variety out there!

Right now we have two local guest beers - Urban Dusk 4.6% ABV which is a lovely deep ruby bitter and Redemption Pale Ale 3.6% which is a great fresh tasting pale ale. Both are from Redemption brewery who are based up in Tottenham, near Ikea in fact!

The second guest spot will go to beers sourced from the rest of the UK. Sometimes it will be a big name like Hob Goblin and sometimes it will be something are bit harder to find in London. Either way they'll be great beers.

So keep an eye on the site to see what we have coming in and even better come on down and try them out!

If you have any suggestion for guest ales we should try out drop us email via the website

Cheers for now


Thursday 7 October 2010

Maintenance day

Nope not got fork out to the ex but gotta do a whole load of DIY today - joy! There's going to be a load of screwing, banging and nailing going on and not of the type I enjoy!!!

And at long last the weather seems set to be good for a while so I'm gonna get the damn painting done too!!



Wednesday 6 October 2010

PUB OF THE SEASON !!! - yippee -

Last night not only did we have our regular quizathon

but the heavy's from CAMRA popped down to drop off an award.. ( more from NAT later )

NORFOLK & GOODE won the quiz by HALF a point - blimey !!

Nat said... Wow, what night last night was!

Monday 4 October 2010

Friday 1 October 2010

Balearic Beats anyone ??

Yes yes - its Friday, the weekend has landed...
Howard is downloading ( close the door Howard)
Bar is stocked 
and we've even polished the danceflooor..