Thursday 23 June 2011

QUIZ - "red alert! the red herrings are coming!"

Quiz night rolls inexorably on & with it another (hopefully not futile) attempt to get it written before Tuesday afternoon!

'tis about all things red....but as the picture illustrates, one must beware of red herrings!

If you're a quiz regular, you should know by now that the titles are intended to give just the merest hint of what is in store & that I very much enjoy going off on a tangent or two....

Think it's going to be a belter (if modesty allows me to say so) & with the free entry & great prizes factored in - don't miss it!

Playing for the usual sweetie & boozy round prizes & then the big one - SUPREME QUIZ WINNERS - bottle of fizz, original 'modern' art by Chris & the chance to pick from one of the four remaining boxes - one of which contains £160!

Blimey. hope to see you at the bar, Tuesday 28th @ 9.30pm. Right, I guess I'm off to write a QUIZ.....

Monday 20 June 2011


quiz time has rolled around again folks & this time it's earth, wind & fire....not the 1970's band cos we're throwing in water & the fifth element!

Chris is busy creating a suitable crazy prize to go with the bottle of fizz & chance to pick one of the prize boxes - one of which contains £150!

start time is 9.30pm & entry is free, so hope to see you at the bar.

Saturday 11 June 2011

next quiz is gonna be a make and do...

oh yes - we are gonna empty the junk cupboard again.

The prize is a massive "EGG on Legs" - for no real reason..
£140 is hidden in one of only 6 boxes for our quiz winners..
and the usual Sambucca and sweety prizes..

More info from Amber soon... X

Thursday 9 June 2011

..its Trojan Pete at The Charlotte Despard this Saturday

Ladies & Gentlemen.... Its time for our main attraction....

Mr. Trojan Pete.. the legend, the sound effects, the bass and the selection..

This Saturday Night - Pete will once again make Archway jump from one leg to the other.

Don't miss this Monthly event... Trojan Pete's Ultimate Ska Party

See you all at the bar...x

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Private party Tonight - Wednesday 08 June

Sorry guys, Tonight we have a Private Booking for the whole pub.

Its a fundraiser for a very good cause.

i hope you understand, and all back to normal on Thursday.

Dont forget: Trojan Pete this Saturday night

visit and join our Facebook group

Sunday 5 June 2011

Doctors & Nurses Quiz Night - more suction...

Hiya.. its nearly Tuesday night Quiz time again..

This week its "Doctors & Nurses"... ooh Matron !

if you know Amber it wont be stethoscopes and morphine - *damn*

FREE ENTRY:: starts around 9.30pm

PRIZES:: drinks and sweets for the rounds,  a bottle of fizzy booze, kudos, cup and a chance to draw for... wait for it.... i said wait for it... yup..£130.00 sterling monies.. only 7 boxes left and one has got the loot in

Thursday 2 June 2011


The winners of the CARTOON QUIZ::
"Smarter than the average team".. who went and proved it..!!!

I must add, they had a 10 year old specialist on their team..
 "Ethan was a big help" said Robin, "We wouldn't have won without him, probably" said Tom.

So the massive Danger Mouse left the building - but the jackpot didnt.. SO - next week : £130 and only 7 boxes... how can you not stake a chance in that for free !!