Saturday 18 February 2012

Big Quiz - Staff Vs Punters

BIG QUIZ - Want to know more..?
A massive Quiz - where the staff take on the punters - who's up for it ??

So here's the short format rules:
:: 10 rounds of broad headed questions. i.e: SCIENCE, WORLD LEADERS, INVENTIONS, etc..
::They will be divided into 2 separate question envelopes (A & B) with 3 questions each envelope.
::Toss of a coin will decide who chooses the 1st round envelope. After that, the previous round winners will choose.
:: 1 point for each question correct - no steals
:: The Charlotte Despard (home team) - will have ALL players available for ALL questions
:: The Ramshackle Collective (visitors team) - will be allowed to play a maximum of 5 specialists for each question set.
:: Once the Quiz master has announced the title of the round - i.e. "SCIENCE" - The Visitors will have 30 seconds to assemble a team of 5 specialists into the "HOT-SEATS"
:: A SENSIBLE amount of time will be allowed to answer questions.

::  Each player may only take the HOT-SEAT a maximum of twice.
:: There may be animated or creative rounds. - max 5 points per round.
:: The team with the most points at the end of the quiz - WINS
:: The Quiz-master's decision is final.

........Thats it - see you there maybe !?