Sunday 29 May 2011

Danger-mouse is under construction for the quiz on Tuesday

This weeks quiz is all about cartoon characters and comics..

The prize is a six foot Danger-mouse in paper mache.

so, if you wanna have the chance to win 120 quid ???
know a bit about cartoons.. ???
got a few mates and fancy a drink.. ???
Get down here and enjoy our CARTOON QUIZ

did you know the pilot of Danger-mouse has never been aired !! - watched it last night and the voices are all wrong... wierd !!!

Monday 23 May 2011

Massive Music Quiz Tuesday Night

The Prizes for Tuesdays MUSIC QUIZ:

Giant papier-mache cassette tape with tunes
Bottle of Prosecco
Kudos beyond belief
Drumsticks and Sambucca
Chance to draw for £110 - 1 in 9 chance !!!

oh, and general fun and malarky....

kicks off about 9.30 on Tuesday evening...

Can you afford to miss this much fun in Archway for FREE - yup, NO ADMISSION FEE !

see you there ! X

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Animal Quiz was a winner - i never thought plasticine would mix with beer..

... an outstanding night... cracking quiz..

good job by all who attended... great models

and enough sambucca to destroy a battleship - if that makes any sense.

Here's a clown fish - made by The Pet Shop Boys

all the animals are on top of the bar - so pop in for a look

Next weeks Quiz is A MUSIC QUIZ

so go listen to music...

inabit X

Monday 16 May 2011

Animal Quiz - anyone know anything about animals?

Animal Kingdom Quiz - Tuesday Night.
Amber has carefully crafted another bespoke quiz.. all about our animal cousins...

If you have a pet, been on safari or hate spiders - then this is the quiz for you...

Questions, famous animals, drinking and making animals are all part of our Tuesday shenanigans this week..

So if you are a bit crafty, or a zoo-keeper - get down The Charlotte Despard on Tuesday Quiz Night.

Prizes are as follows:
Sambucca, sweets, Plasticine animals, a large paper mache Dali-esque elephant and the chance to draw for a hundred - a hundred quids.. - how can you afford to miss this FREE event..

See you at the Bar. Mwah X

Sunday 15 May 2011

Trojan Pete plays another winner @ The Charlotte Despard

Trojan Pete @ The Charlotte Despard
Thanks again to Pete and his crew

much dancing and frivolity..

same again next month 2nd Saturday -

11th June 2011 - put that date in yer diary

join our facebook group - for all the details

Thursday 12 May 2011

QUIZ NIGHT - wonders of the animal kingdom

Next weeks QUIZ is all about the weird & wonderful creatures of the "animal kingdom..."

think creatures of land, air & the deep blue.... well as that funny creature we call mankind.

shenanigans begin at 9.30pm, with the usual sweetie & boozy round prizes

A bottle of fizz for the winner and  the chance to play for £100!

... the 'trophy' constructed by Chris in his current favourite medium, papier mache, has to be seen to be believed.... Dali would be proud!

SKA NIGHT - saturday 14th May 2011

Tis the second Saturday of the month, which means it's SKA NIGHT with TROJAN PETE....

....Pete'll have his great selection of vinyl for your delectation, playing a selection of classic SKA, two-tone & reggae.

Party starts about 8.30pm and continues til 1am.

So get your dancing shoes on, polish up that Vespa, iron that parka & brush off that trilby & come join the fun!

Tuesday 10 May 2011

The Winners are: "Spaced Out.."

There are the two top teams in this weeks quiz
separated by only half a point..

a good effort by all teams
and some great words at the end..

I was most impressed by Ambers turn on the Mic.

Next week an Animal Quiz..

and a prize to suit !!!

see you all soon .. mwah !

Sunday 8 May 2011


It is my happy duty to inform you that this weeks quiz is all based around the phenomena that is Scrabble...

There'll be anagrams, conundrums, etymology, actual Scrabble & call my bluff, so for all you word-nerds out there, it's a dream come true!

We've got the usual range of boozy & silly round prizes up for grabs....

...& of course first prize is the obligatory bottle of fizz & a chance to play for ninety, count 'em, NINETY pounds!

...but even better than that - you get to win a giant Scrabble tile - it's brilliant!

Quiz starts at 9.30pm and as always it's free to enter. Come & join in with the wordy-nerdy fun!

Facebook group here<<
Twitter here<<
Website here<<

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Saturday Night Soul Shakedown with Liz Wheatley

Hey there party people, its rolled around to the first Saturday of the month which means that DJ Liz Wheatley is back to play us some tunes from her amazing vinyl collection....

....encompassing, jazz, funk, soul, rare groove and classic disco & more....'s gonna be a soul-shakedown party on Saturday night!

records start spinning around 9pm & we're open till 1am, so get your party frocks on & come & shake your stuff!

Next weeks quiz is going to contain some Scrabble

so, if your good with annoying letters or can solve anagrams.

Maybe you know your 2 letter words...

this will be a team affair - with a worthwhile prize

more details to follow - on the Facebook Group

should be a bit of a laff - with the ususal winners drinks and chance to draw for 90 quid for the winners.

Sunday 1 May 2011

Private Party today @ The Charlotte Despard

Sorry All,

Today we have a private booking..

A Christening for Daisy - Good luck to Michelle & Anthony and their families.

Back to normal tomorrow....

hopefully we have some beer left !!